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## Заглавие: - Photoshop for Photographers Compositing

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## Системни изисквания: Видео плеър

## Издадено: 24.06.2012 г.

## Лиценз: Платен

## Автор: Chris Orwig

## Раздел: Photography, Masking + Compositing

## Ниво: Intermediate

## Продължителност: 4 час/а и 45 мин.

## Резюме:
Discover the essential techniques to create composites from multiple
photos using Adobe Photoshop. Author and photographer Chris Orwig
demonstrates how to work around tricky exposure challenges, create
stronger group photos, craft creative photo illustrations, and more.
This course also covers multiple compositing scenarios, including
portraits and architectural photos, and illustrates the process of
selecting the images, blending photos with layer masks and blend modes,
and resizing and sharpening the results. Along the way, Chris shares his
insights for making photos look more dramatic and interesting.

## Теми:

  • Combining Expressions

  • Adding a Subject to a New Environment

  • Compositing to Improve Composition

  • Combining Exposures in Architectural Photography

  • Replacing the Sky in an Image

  • Showing Frame-by-Frame Action in Sports

  • Creating an Imaginative Scene

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