Cisco Networkers Cisco IP Telephony Essentials

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Cisco Networkers Cisco IP Telephony Essentials

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010
كورس mcse الخاص بميكروسوفت شرح بالصوت والصورة فيديو يعني ...
تعلم بالفيديو Cisco live CCSP Securing Networks with ASA
Friday, 24 September 2010
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Cisco Networkers Cisco IP Telephony Essentials

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Cisco Networkers 2009-CCVP Prep: Cisco IP Telephony Essentials | 1.09 GB

This session covers the basics of IP telephony as presented in
the Cisco Voice over IP course that are needed to pass the CVoice exam
(642-432). The speaker presents a series of questions similar to the
ones on the exam, then explains the answers while covering some of the
major IP telephony technologies. The session covers some of the more
difficult exam topics including centralized and distributed call
management, dial-peer concepts and configuration, and PBX integration.

HF b1u3eyes.CCVP.part01.rar.html b1u3eyes.CCVP.part02.rar.html b1u3eyes.CCVP.part03.rar.html b1u3eyes.CCVP.part04.rar.html b1u3eyes.CCVP.part05.rar.html b1u3eyes.CCVP.part06.rar.html b1u3eyes.CCVP.part07.rar.html

FF b1u3eyes_CCVP_part01_rar/ b1u3eyes_CCVP_part02_rar/ b1u3eyes_CCVP_part03_rar/ b1u3eyes_CCVP_part04_rar/ b1u3eyes_CCVP_part05_rar/ b1u3eyes_CCVP_part06_rar/ b1u3eyes_CCVP_part07_rar/

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